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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cannot boot or start a VMware Converter Cold Clone CD

Cannot boot or start a VMware Converter Cold Clone CD


  • The VMware Converter Cold Clone CD does not start or boot.
  • The server only starts the operating system installed on the local hard drive.
  • You receive one or more of these errors:
    • Non-system disk or disk error.
    • Operating system not found.
    • No bootable media found. Insert a bootable device.


Validate that each troubleshooting step below is true for your environment. The steps will provide instructions or a link to a document, for validating the step and taking corrective action as necessary. The steps are ordered in the most appropriate sequence to isolate the issue and identify the proper resolution. Do not skip a step.
  1. Confirm that the physical computer's BIOS settings are set correctly to boot from CD/DVD-ROM and that it supports the El Torito standard as specified by the ISO 9660 specification. For more information, see:
  2. Verify that the files on the CD-ROM are correct and that the CD-ROM boot sector was properly written. Insert the CD you created into the CD drive of a computer or virtual machine. Browse the CD's file system. If the CD only contains one ISO file, or no files, then it was not written correctly. For more information, see Problems reading or booting from CD/DVD-ROM media (102).
  3. If the VMware Converter Cold Clone CD (coldclone.iso) image has been modified using the PETool and fails during setup, verify that the drivers is added properly. For more information, see Modified VMware Converter Cold Clone CD fails to boot (1002189). 
Note: If your problem still exists after trying the steps in this article:

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